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Whoa! Calm down there. You can uncleanch, it's good news.

Due to the absolute avalanche of reviews and interactions from fans to the last update I have decided to focus solely on writing this story, Magic Knows No Boundaries But Those We Believe In, until it is done.

What does that mean for you? That means I will be publishing a new chapter, wait for it...

Every. Single. Week!


Yes, I know I announced this fact in my other stories, but not everybody who follows this story follows me as an author or any of those others. Also I was planning on the next chapter to be ready today, but holy shit was this last week hectic. Zero free time. only managed 1k words during lunches.

Every Monday on the dot, with the occassional week off when life gets in the way or I just have the overwhelming inspiration to update a different story. When the muse hits I have to let her get her punches in.

And these will all be meaty chapters. Target of 8k words plus authors notes.

Once I'm done with MKNB I'll work my way through my fanfics one story at a time. When Two Pieces Become One and Blood-Soaked Succession are next on my list, because they're the ones so thoroughly outlined as to be pedantic and are easiest to write.

Next chapter will be posted next Monday, the 22nd of February, on this year of our Lord 2021.

Seriously though. 25 reviews in a single week? That's the kind of reaction from fans that keeps a writer motivated.

If you love my work just keep the reviews coming and I'll never have difficulty finding the inspiration to write.

If you really love me

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My Twitter and Instagram are the same. So is my youtube and twitch but I won't start making content there until May - after I've launched fancomics dot net, fananimation dot net and fanvideogames dot net. Oh yes. You read that correctly. No, I can't believe I was the first person to buy those domain names either.

A few Choice reviews.


You nailed it when you pointed out Yu-Hi-Oh and Warhammer 40k being made all the better with magic. But could you imagine how ball-bustingly expensive Warhammer miniatures would be if they were animated like wizards chess?

I've never played the game, but I do have a huge appreciation for the lore. Especially da orks and Slanesh. Something about a race of space elves deciding that having a galaxy-soanning MURDER ORGY and thus bringing into existence a cenobite God just tickles me.

It's just like Hellraiser lore, and the lessons of what happens when you devote your life to carnal sin. Constantly chasing that greater high until no disgusting fetish will satisfy, no drug will be strong enough and no food will be filling. That without the love of good people in your life and the grave of god(if you're into that kinda thing) you will never achieve contentment in life... or death.

I'm surprised you didn't point out how badass a wizards battle grid matt would be. Holgoraph landscapes, or physical conjurations to become minature mountain ranges, cityscapes and other such randomly generated goodness for dnd characters to trek through. With of course some fanmade levels, like a hive city for a dnd game set in the 40k universe, if you want to go to the lowest depths of grimdark.


I never played FF9 far enough to know what Tetra master card is. I kinda hated that game, for the same superficial reasons as Spoony, might I add.

But a Golden Saucer could work. But I'm sure there are already races in the wizarding world riding more dangerous animals than chocobos.

Hell, if you decide to write a fanfic about illegal underground racing circuits and bull-fighting arenas, with fantastic beasts instead of brooms/bulls - I'd be all over that. I already have too much on my plate at the moment.


You saw the potential of using golemn miniatures for duel monsters, smash brothers and tekken - BUT DIDN'T INCLIDE POKEMON IN THAT LIST!

I'm disappointed in you guys. Come on! A toy charmander that conjured actual fire? Squirtle that spat actual water? They'd have to be really tiny to fit on a game Matt with proper terrain but it would be awesome.


Only in Nymphadora's dirty little mind.

Electricstoryteller Wrote:

I would like quicker updates please thank you


Tough shit. Fuck you.(Sarcasm)

This concludes my public service announcement.



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