When Tom meet Alexa @safficat

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I could hear hushed whispers of war and a few 'accidental' shoves from some of the richer looking girls reminded me that people really don't change, just as depressing and rude as the-

Woah Alex you are not acting like an eleven year old I thought, although I am an 'orphan' here so I guess I can be as dark and depressing as I like. No bad Alex, my mind chided me, think happy.

"Jackson, Alexandra!" a man called (a teacher probably),

I walked up dodging a couple of really pushy people, and sat down on the stool, the man smiled kindly at me and placed the hat on my head.

How strange, I haven't sorted a demi-god that wasn't a child of Hecate or Trivia before.

Hecate didn't tell me about you, I though crossly

A time- traveller too, how interesting.

Hurry up sort me,

You are very bitter for one so young,

I had to grow up quickly, we all did.

Yes, I see that.

Please just sort me, I don't like not being able to see.

Very well, daring, ambitious, brave, loyal, pragmatic and cunning, you would do well in Gryffindor, but I image you would soon grow tired of their reckless nature. You have a stronger desire to prove yourself as more than just a little sister, Slytherin, would fit you, however your unclear blood status would make you a target. Hufflepuff would unsettle you,

That's the house that values loyalty and friendship, isn't it?

Yes poor Helga Hufflepuff would hate the fact that war is still tearing the world apart, she believed that the world would get better as time went on.


And while you are interested in learning you are no Ravenclaw,

So you're saying I have to be in either a house of reckless idiots or a house full of-

I think I know the house that is best for you.

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat called

Drop by to talk anytime Alexa, I hear the hat whisper in my head before the light assaults my eyes, my uniform has changed from plain black to having green and silver lining, the other students clap politely as a I walk towards the Slytherin table.

Dinner was a quiet affair, but I saw a couple of glares sent my way, there didn't appear to be any real hostility behind them. They were searching, I realised seeking out the first years with potential, those with powerful connections and the extras.

I suppose in their eyes I would fall under 'extras', I snicked quietly well that was nothing new. Although it would be funny to just casually have Hecate drop by, they would probably show some kind of emotion, it would be good for them. I could sense someone's gaze, I looked up and locked eyes with To- no Riddle.


"You can't change the past daughter of the Sea," Hecate said, collecting things from her shelves.

"Okay…." I said tilting my head in confusion, "So should I just leave or.." I pointed at the exit walking backwards.

"But I am sending you to the past on a quest," she continued waving her hand in my general directions.

"But you just sai-" I started

"Are you familiar with time paradox's?" Hecate said turning to face me, I gulped her eyes seemed to burn straight through me.

"Um… I think it's when you change something in the past but then the thing that made you go back never happened so you would have never gone back in the first place, but then…" my brain was spinning.

Hecate looked amused, "Yes that is one of them, I was referring to when the time travel is always going to happen, everything that happens has already happen and thus anything you do in the past you have already done." She explained "I believe that you have already lived in the past and now it is time for you to go."

"That's not really a quest" I said backing up even more, "And what do you mean I've already been to the past, I-"

"I was getting there," Hecate muttered turning back to her shelves and pulling something free and passing it to me.

It was a moving photograph ripped in half, I caught my breath, a smiling girl stared back at me, she laughed and an arm slipped around her waist pulling her close. It was black and white but it was me.

"Your quest should you chose, and you will chose to accept it, is….."

End of flashback

Someone who loses everything and thus becomes a monster. A tormenter, a true evil, and I was suppose to help cause that. 'A necessary evil Alexandra' and I was staring him straight in the face. Great. Eventually he turned to talk to another member of the house and I released a silent breath. Who knew evil was cute, I thought mentally panicking, but at the same time I recognised those eyes, Luke had them, Maya and Octavian to an extent, countless others that I had seen in visions, even my brother had, had that look. The same haunted expression and desire to change everything.

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