Let Me Count the Ways @safficat
Chapter 1

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"Um, Natsu," Lisanna said touching his shoulder he turned facing her,

"What is it Lisanna?" he asked

"Um," Lisanna shifted nervously clasping her hands together, "What is Lucy to you?"

"Lucy? That's easy she's my…" Natsu started "huh, Lucy is.. What do you mean Lisanna?"

This is stupid, Lucy was just Lucy. Right? What did Lisanna mean?

Lisanna blushed, "Do you love her?" her voice trailed off into a whisper,

"Of course, I love all my Guildmates!" Natsu said confused,

Lisanna sighed, "That's not what I meant," she muttered

Gray was a rival and brother (not that he'd ever tell that stupid ice prick), Erza was a scary older sister, and Lucy was his best friend and a sister? No that wasn't right, Lucy wasn't like the others she was…. Lucy just Lucy. So what was this annoying feeling?

"Happy?" Natsu called out,

"Aye sir," the exceed called back flying in, "Natsu?" Happy looked at his friend sitting on the ground eyeing the floor looking unusually serious.

"Happy," Natsu looking up at his closest friend, "What is Lucy to you?"

"Lucy is family," Happy answered smiling, "She's bossy and annoying but she's lots of fun too," the exceed flew around the room before disappearing into the kitchen.

Natsu grinned she was definitely bossy, and she was really tough too, she wasn't physically strong like Erza, although that Lucy kick of hers hurt like hell. But she never gave up. Sure she could be a little annoying, but she was super nice too.

"What have I told you about breaking into my apartment!"

"Lucy," Natsu breathed looking up at his raging mad teammate,

"Do you think she's beautiful?"

She wasn't really mad at them, Natsu knew that she just hated it when they went through her stuff and ate all her food and slept in her bed and used her bath and touched her writing. Okay maybe she was a little mad at them, but her bed was super comfortable and she always had food and her writing was kind of interesting.

"Natsu save me," Happy cried out,

"You damn Exceed," Lucy roared, "That was my fish,"

"But Lushi," Happy said trying to look as cute as possible, "I love fish,"

Lucy glared at him, and Happy chose plan B, fly away as fast as possible.

"Get back here Happy!" Lucy yelled after him,

"Sorry, Natsu!" Happy yelled flying away.

Natsu figured he had five seconds before she 'Lucy kicked' him out the window so he did something crazy. He kissed her.

Her lips were soft and tasted like cherry, he pulled her closer, she was soft and warm and her smell was overpowering. Of all things, Lucy's smell was one of the best things in the world, it made him feel safe and calm. Lucy smelled like home, Natsu's eyes flew open at this. Oh, he thought as Lucy kissed him back, his eyes closing again. That's what Lisanna meant.

What is Lucy to me? Lucy is everything to me.

They broke apart Lucy's cheeks were flushed red and she attempted to break out of Natsu's arms.

"Na-Na- Natsu," she stuttered, panting slightly.

"Lucy, I love you," he blurted out.

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