Frequently Asked Questions How do I create a collection? Go to collections and click on "Create New" What are collections? Collections are used to organize and/or track stories. Reading some ongoing stories you'd like to get notified for? Have some stories you like related to a specific trope? Sharing a collection of stories with friends? A private reading list? Create a collection! What are public, private, and unlisted collections? Public, private and unlisted are privacy settings for your collections. Public collections are publicly searchable, and are showed on your profile. Private collections are only for you, and aren't accessible by anyone else. Unlisted collections are created with a special link, so they can only be accessed by people you share the link with. They aren't indexed publicly or showed on your profile. Your username is shown to people who view the collection with the special link. I didn't create Favorites & Hidden, where did they come from? Favorites and Hidden are special collections, and cannot be deleted or renamed. Hidden is a private collection used to hide stories you don't want to appear in your searches. Favorites is a public collection that shows up in your profile, but doesn't appear in the search. How do I add stories to a collection I created? From the search, tap on "Favorite" in the story options to open up collections. While reading, tap on "Collections" at the end of the chapter. How do I delete a collection? In the search, under any story, click on Favorites/Hidden, or while reading, click on Collections at the bottom of the chapter to open up the collections menu. Hover (Desktop) or Hold (Mobile) on collection to open collection options, then click on edit, then Delete. The Favorites and Hidden are special collections, and cannot be deleted. How do I set my bio? From your profile, click on "Tell others something about yourself". What are updates? Updates let you interact with your followers, so you can post announcements and other news on your profile. Your followers are notified whenever you post an update. Is the list of users I've followed publicly visible? The users you've followed are not viewable to anyone other than yourself, even to the user you've followed. How do I see the users I'm following? To see & manage the users you're following, go to your profile, and click on the Following tab. No one other than you can see the users you're following. How do I search for a specific author? To search for an author, open the filters and use the "Search by author" field. How do I signup? Click on Login in the top/bottom (depending on your device) right corner, then Signup in the the opened popup. Choose a username and enter your email to receive the signup code. Enter the signup code from your email to complete your signup! How can I install the app? Android: Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner to open up the Chrome menu, and select the fourth-last option, "Add to Home screen". iOS: On Safari, open the action menu from the bottom of your screen and select "Add to Home Screen". How do I report bugs, issues and suggest new features? To report bugs, or suggest new features, message @admin or send us a message through the contact form. We also conduct polls to see what features our readers & writers would like, and you can opt in to be notified for those from your settings. I don't know my password, how do I login? If you forgot your password, or haven't set one yet, you can request a One-Time PIN to log you in. To request a One-Time PIN, click on Send OTP at the bottom of the login popup, then enter your username or email to receive a code on your email, which you can use to login, You may set/change your password after logging in from your settings. How do I create a story? To create a story, click on Write in the navigation, then New Story. How do I delete drafts and folders from the drafts menu? To delete, simply drag the draft or folder and drop it in the trash can at the bottom of your screen. How do I edit a story, or add new chapters? To edit a story or add chapters, click on Write in the navigation, then then title of the story you want to edit. In the editing menu, you can edit story details, tags, settings or add, edit, and delete chapters. How do I save a chapter in drafts? As you write, your drafts are saved automatically so you never have to worry about losing them! Can I post an original work or is only fanfiction allowed? Fanfiction Online only hosts fanfiction stories. How do I create & and add pairings to my story? To add a pairing to your story, select the characters in it, then click on "Add New Pairing". From the dropdown added, select the characters of that pairing. You can click on Add New Pairing multiple times to add up to 3 pairings. Is there any way to organize drafts? Yes, you can organize drafts into folders & subfolders. To create a folder, click on the + at the bottom right of your screen from the drafts menu, and click on Folder. Enter the name of the folder you want to create in the popup, then click on OK. Your folder will be created. To move your draft, simply drag the draft and drop it over that folder. How do I post a story of a Fandom that isn't listed yet? While creating or editing your story, click on "Can't find your fandom? Create it" below below the fandom selection to create a new fandom. When the new fandom is created, refresh the edit story page and add the first story to the new fandom! How do I import my stories over from Fanfiction.Net? To import your stories, click on Write in the navigation, then Import Stories on the left of the screen. If you haven't already linked your FFN account, you can click on Link to go the linked accounts page. Next to Fanfiction.Net, click on Link and follow the instructions to link your account. The linking takes less than 30 minutes. After linking your FFN account, click on Write, then Import Stories again. All your stories will be listed. Either Select All or individually select the stories you want to import. Click on Import at the bottom of the page. The selected stories will now be imported! You'll be notified when the import is complete. Unless you disable auto updates, the imported stories will be automatically updated whenever you update them on Fanfiction.Net Why won't my imported stories show up on my profile? Does it take time? Stories imported, or posted, take some time to appear on your profile and in the search. This time is generally less than an hour, but may sometimes take more. Stories that haven't showed up on your profile are accessible directly though. To go to a story, click on the story in the Write menu, then View in the bottom of the screen. How long does it take to link accounts? Less than 30 min. It's been over 30 min, and my Fanfiction.Net account still hasn't been linked, What do I do? Please check if you used your FFN User ID, available from your Fanfiction.Net account settings, and NOT your FFN username. If you used your FFN username, cancel the current linking and link with your User ID, your account should be verified shortly. If you did use your User ID, and the account still did not link, please message us at @admin so we can look into it. What is voting? You can vote to show the author your appreciation for a chapter they've written. Your votes are not publicly viewable, even to the author of the story. You cannot vote on chapters while signed out, and have to login to vote. How will I know when my story is reviewed? You'll receive a notification when your story is reviewed, and you can reply to that review beneath it. How will I know when an author has updated a story I am reading? Can I receive emails telling me when an author has added a new chapter? You can receive notifications for a story in two ways: 1. You can receive notifications for all stories of an author by following the author. Please note that you'll also be notified whenever the author posts an update. 2. You can also receive notifications for specific stories if you add them to a collection you follow, like Favorites, which is followed by default. I noticed that there are stories on the site that violate the guidelines, how do I report such content? We're adding a more streamlined process for reporting and removing stories in the next few days, but we're migrating servers right now, so that might be slightly delayed. Follow @mods for updates on when it's implemented, and keep a list of the stories you find in violation, so they can be reported when the reporting tool is up. Thanks for reporting & helping us moderate the site!

If you don't think your question should be posted in the FAQ's, you can message @mods or send us a message through the contact form.

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