@yes.no.maybe.so About Stories Updates Collections About me I’m 14 years old and I’m a freshman I’m obsessed with romance books, it started during the quarantine and it’s probably because my life is romanceless. Also being a 14 year old I haven’t kissed anyone so please have mercy on my work where I describe the kissing scenes My ships are: -slytherpuff -darry -solangelo -tratie -percabeth -Caleo -frazel -jasper -KamiJiro -Bakugo and Kirishima - Uracka x Deku -Deku x Shoto ((Also bi the way I’m BIROMANTIC AND IM A NON-BINARY)) Check out my tumblr: https://spooky-scary-nonbinary.tumblr.com/ I’m a hufflepuff, but my sibling says I’m a slytherin. I don’t know I’m sticking with hufflepuff 😎 deal with it My fandoms PJO HoO ToA Magnus Chase Kane chronicles Of Poseidon Daughter of the pirate king Divergent Maze runners Ascendace trilogy My fan fiction stories Also my original stories. Harry Potter And newly added MHA!
2 years ago Follow my friend @eraserhead39 . They are weird and quirky. Please follow them 2 years ago So I’m 13 so I have a scratch.mit.edu account. Deal with it, i write FanFiction there too and I update that one more anyway, so follow me there: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/-fanfictionwriter/ and on there is how I think the characters look like.