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2 years ago Okay, so most of my stories are up, but realized there were some issues with formatting when I imported. So going through and fixing that, but bare with me! Thanks! 2 years ago Okay, once all of the Wood Series is up, this is the reading order: Book 1: Saving Iris Book 2: A Life Worth Living Deleted Chapter: Opening Day Oneshot: We're Pregnant Oneshot: Oct. 31 Book 3: Surviving Hogwarts (start of next generation) Oneshot: The Seventh Year Crush Book 4: The Life & Times of a Flaming Pixie Side Story 1: The Mysterious Mr. Nilsson Book 5: Playing with Fire Side Story 2: Where There's a Wills, There's a Way Book 6: Through the Veil of Secrets Oneshot: The Turmoil of Remus Wood Book 7: The Calm Before the Storm Oneshot: The Talk Oneshot: Decompressing Book 8: After the Veil Side Story 3: Father of the Bride Side Story 4: Father of the Bride - Part Two