@paranormal_worm About Stories Updates Collections heyo!!! i've chosen to move all my fics that are still unfinished here and to put any new fics here. i was crumbs_locket and stardust_isle on a03 so i can like have more platforms to be in anyway, i go by tim and gordon. i use he/him and they/them and i'm figuring out my sexuality still. i don't have any single fandom i write for, so this is just a "write whatever" type thing. i hope you guys enjoy my content!!
2 years ago well, after looking for a month, i've decided to just keep finished fics in a03 over there. instead, i plan to just move any in progress ones here to make it easier. also happy holidays!! 2 years ago wooo!! first fic MOVED. i'm going to take a while to move the rest, but let's go!!