@pancakesandbooks About Stories Updates Collections Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I recently started writing. I am a creative person in general, and always dreamed of becoming a writer. Never got around to it before now, though. I will take this opportunity and say that my first language is not English, so there will be mistakes, even though I try my hardest to weed them out. I hope you can forgive me on that. For pairings I like almost anything involving Michael Sheen's Characters. His presentation of Aro in Twilight was spot on. I may dabble in some Harry Potter fanfics later on. But for now, it will be Aro pairings. I look forward to building this skill of writing with you. If you wish, let me know of anything that can help me be better at writing. If you wish to see, I have a Facebook page. Find me under Pancakesandbooks. Find me on Twitter; @PancakesETbooks Alright, thanks. -Pancakes