@nogenderonlylove About Stories Updates Collections He/They/She | 21 | NB | Black/Mixed Nerfed my gender so I could make room for the love in my heart for my friends. Just slowly moving my fics from ao3 to here, this site's policies seem like there won't be any tolerance for cp so I'm crossing my fingers. I write for whatever hyperfixation I've unfortuantely found myself in so get ready for alot of found family bnha and older voltron fics and other tidbits.
10 months ago Just a heads up, I am transferring my old fics from ao3 to here and about 68 of those are voltron fics, I'm not as invested in it as I was before so after I get them all here it's unlikely I'll work on them. Just letting yall know in case you followed me for bnha