@mbcarver About Stories Updates Collections My name is M. B. Carver and I am a current writer of Jelsa fiction. My real name Is Mackenzie Carver, I'm twenty years of age and born with Cerebral polsy. I love to write stories. It's my favorite pass time. My hopes is to one day be an author like Rudyard Kipling, to one day publish an original story of my own. I do plan on doing one that is based on my story, Child of the Savannah and I look forward to sharing it soon. So by now you might have already guessed I ship Jelsa. Yes, I do. It's my all time favorite shipping. I love both movies rise of the guardians and Frozen and I love the characters of Jack and Elsa. I have such a great passion of using these two in my stories. They are pretty much the only shipping that I may ever do with these two. I don't care for the other shippings of them, especially the one with... Hans. Not a fan of that one. But I'm not against you if you do. Now in case your wondering no it's the not the only topic I write about. I am also a huge fan of Lion king and I mean a HUGE fan. I love that movie to no ends and I love the character of Nala. I also do stories that are based on Lion king.
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