@lucylegladiator2 About Stories Updates Collections Yosh! Welcome to my profile! I guess i fell in love with one piece the first time i watched the first episode and was hooked on it ever since, I'm so glad that arc is finally over (cough) dressrosa arc but it's gonna take some time for me to get back into one piece, update: So wano is happening right now but I'm currently studying at the moment T.T About me Im 24 yrs old,My favorite colour is blue (more like an obsession) but let's just say favorite to keep it healthy 8D, and like Luffy, i'm definitely not a vegetarian, Seriously how can those people live? I'm Lazy when I comes to these kinda things so i'll be updating my profile from time to time...meh. Something new: I'm currently in love with my avatar lel. I don't know bout u guys but I get inspiration everytime I sit on the porcelain throne!