@jessarie About Stories Updates Collections Hello Readers, My fanfiction is never written in the hopes of making any money or marketing myself. I do it because I enjoy writing about characters in universes that have already been established. I like changing things up and seeing what would happen if things were different. But, we all know the world is not the nicest of places and people try to exploit one another constantly. For this reason, each of my stories has a DISCLAIMER attached to it. If for some reason those disclaimers are missing I am posting one here as well. Disclaimer: My stories are based on characters and situations created and owned by other more famous people than I, including but not limited to various publishers, movie companies, and television networks! No money is being made from the stories on this profile and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Nor is any insult or defamation of character intended toward any of the wonderful peoples who brought the original works to life. You'll notice that most of my stories are Harry Potter-based, but a few come from other fandoms. I have decided to only transfer my completed stories to this site in the hopes of gaining some new readers. All my WIPs are still available on fanfiction.net and will be transferred over once completed I am only doing this to keep myself as organized as possible. I am also on DeviantArt and AO3. All of my accounts are under the same username, Jessarie. Keep in mind some of this content is over 10 years old and comes from a time when I was just discovering my love of writing. Overall, I would love to hear what you think of my stories and my work, so please let me know. Always, Jess