@geradsredskittle666 About Stories Updates Collections I go by the name Ray sometimes so thats what you can call me. Its not my legal name. I have a profile (same username) on ffn .net. I crosspost anyway. I am trans (f to m), autistic and have adhd. So I write neurodivergent charcters and trans characters from my perspective. I write based on what I have experienced, obviously as a writer I have creative license to change it up. make things more intense. My themes are often intense and dark: abuse, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, rape, sexual assult of a minor, self harm, suicide, eating disorders, autism/adhd meltdowns/shutdowns/overloads and other dark topics I may have forgot to list. I write for so many fandoms its crazy. At this point in time: Good Omens, Numb3rs, BBC Sherlock, Poirot, MCU Avengers, Buffy the vampire slayer, Doctor Who (10 and 11), Fruits Basket, Fraiser, Torchwood, House, iZombie, The Librarians, Murdoch Mysteries, March comes in like a lion, Once upon a time, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1, Yugioh, Titans, X-files, The Umbrella Academy, The Mentalist and Merlin. I used to write for but no longer write for these: NCIS, Harry Potter and Beyblades. I aim to finish up Mea Culpa but thats it. Though I am thankful to every fan of my works I am now discontinuing, I have basically outgrown these fandoms. They were where I started out and where I grew into so much more. Where I learned the craft. Where experimented and found what worked...or didn't( don't judge, I was between 12 and 15, a kid!). Now I spread my wings in new fandoms. Tumblr Link (just for interaction, not a way to make money in anyway): geradredskittle666blog.tumblr.com