@anubisenfield About Stories Updates Collections UPDATE ON EVERYTHING! 10/10/20: I will be focusing on my Harry Potter fanfic until it is finished! It is my current muse at the moment, but once it's done, I will go back to updating other things. I may also post some other new fanfics, but I won't let them take up all my time like this Harry Potter one did. So please bear with me a bit! I haven't dropped any of the more recent fanfics (Doctor Who ones, Ghost Hunt, Sherlock, etc) Magical Creatures Will Get Me Killed (Again): This is my main focus right now as my motivation to write it is through the roof! Will be updated every other day unless school/work gets in the way Will update after Harry Potter fanfic finished: Lost Fan of Sherlock My Ruined Universe Deer of the Creature Horde Soul Clash Not the Only Ghost Around Welcome to Hell The Doctor's Dog Won't be updated for a long while: The Caged Fighting Deafness The Doctor and the Wolf Bunnies Hosts and Bakers Won't be updated until another movie is out: Black Market Animagus Not sure if I'll continue: The Rugged Type How Did I Get Here? I'm Old Not An Arcobaleno Almost everything else either won't be updated or will be updated so slowly that it's ridiculous Alrighty, first thing's first, I'm not new to this. Fanfiction has been my life-long companion and this will be my place to just post fanfics. Not that I'm against reading, but I've got piles upon piles of half-started fanfics just sitting away in folders on my laptop and I thought, why not? I want people to see what I can do. I want honest opinions of my stuff. Good opinions, bad opinions, improvements I can make. I want judgment. I want you to call me out on typos and tell me honestly if you think my character is becoming a Mary-Sue, or if the plot is repetitive, or too dull. This is my account for you all to take a look at my halfheartedly started (and possibly never going to be finished) fanfics and tell me what you like, hate, or think I can do to change it. These are stories I've thought up in the middle of the night. Stories I've come up with in my dreams, in my day-dreams. Quick ideas that I thought up while watching a television show and my mind went 'What if'. Saying I halfheartedly started them is probably not quite right. I started these with the full intention of making them become something great. Something people will read and enjoy. I love each and every one of these. Each and every character. I worked hard to come up with an idea to start these, but somewhere along the line, motivation dwindled. I looked at it and went, 'Oh, that's cool, but I don't feel like writing more today', and 'today' became 'tomorrow' and 'next week' and then 'next year'. I haven't given up on them, but I need that extra kick in the pants from reviewers, from fellow writers and readers. I need someone to sit there and tell me, 'Hey, this is great!' or 'I think you should try this' or even 'This is crap, here's how you should try to fix it.' I want you people to get my writing mind back into gear and actually finish some of these. I won't be updating super often. I've got school and work and life and another account that I'm posting fanfics on that I'm keeping on top of (and you may recognize my work once you start reading, or I might have even sent you here), but if I get the right motivation going, I'll get around to updating a few every so often. Be forewarned, though. There will be characters with the same names in some of these. There will be character attributes that will be the same or very similar as well. These are mostly beginnings to stories with character ideas/features/names that I liked at the time. So try not to get too confused if you're reading multiple stories of mine. For the most part, I did my best to keep characters with the same names relatively different personality wise. But again, these are just ideas. I have a type of character that I like and I typically roll with it. I feel I write my best about masculine female characters, so if you're not into that, oh well