@aletwilighterforever About Stories Updates Collections Hey you! Yes! That's right I am talking to you! Welcome to my place! Hope you like reading as much as I love writing! Get ready to fall into a big deep pool of emotions! You had better know how to swim! I am a 23 years old twlight fan. It's been my favourite book since I was 12. Yup. It's been a pretty long time by now. Sooo... as I was saying I truly hope you are ready read some crazy ideas of mine. First, allow me to say that there are three important things you MUST know. The first thing you have to know is that all my stories are in Spanish. Why? Well, Spanish is my mother tongue. Sorry to disppoint you. Second, I am still translating my stories you know. Spanish - English. Third, there's not a third one. I just thought it was something cool to say. SOOOOO, ENJOY and welcome to my crazy ideas.